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Chez Ami Cleopatra (Gen 2)

Breed: Ocicat

Colour: Cinnamon


Sire: Zayenah Purple Passion (Imp Australia)

Dam: Abyrose Siggy (Gen 1)

Breeder: Kelly Payne

Cleopatra has arrived and she is just gorgeous.  The softest fur ever.  Cleo has fitted in well with the other cats and loves playing with her toys and the children.  She is very cuddly and likes to sleep with us.

NatsCats in March 2017. 

A huge thank you to Kelly Payne Chez Ami Ocicats for our precious Cleopatra

Thank you to Catherine Holmes Photography.

Cleopatra has been tested for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) screening - all results are normal with no evidence of HCM.

Cleopatra our Ocicat Queen is expecting kittens :)  

Her kittens are due around the 18th December 2017.  

We are all very excited. Xmas babies!!!

Expressions of interest welcome.