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The journey so far...

Natalie Sandbrook

I have always had a passion for animals which led me to study Veterinary Nursing at Massey University, before heading overseas to work in Australian vet clinics.

In 2003 I returned to New Zealand and worked in the area of livestock breeding in Hamilton which I thoroughly enjoyed.  As well as my passion for animals, I also love teaching drama. I took a break from my animal career and started my private speech and drama company, Creative Drama and Speech.  

I moved to Hawkes Bay in 2009 with my husband and five children, where I lectured Veterinary Nursing at the local polytechnic for a few years. I have continued to teach speech and drama privately and decided I needed animals back in my life. 

By chance I came across Ocicats and Abyssinians and immediately fell in love.  I am being closely mentored by a well respected breeder Jody Wildey-Robinson who is ethical and focuses on health and temperament.  I am fortunate to have some of Jody's special lines. 

I am ecstatic to be able to breed these beautiful cats in my family home and share my passion with others.  

Our First Stud

Our first stud arrived early 2017. He is a beautiful young man named Zeppelin. He is a tawny ocicat and we can't wait to see what beautiful litters he produces. 

Our First Queen

Our first queen arrived in March 2017. She is an elegant young girl named Cleopatra. She is a cinnamon ocicat and we can't wait to see what beautiful litters she produces with Zeppelin. 

Our First Litter

Our first litter!! Four beautiful big Ocicat kittens born December 17th & 18th 2017. Very proud cat parents:) Ready to go to their forever homes from 2nd March 2018.