The Abyssinian is an agouti (ticked) cat with tabby-like markings on their face. They have large pointed ears and large almond shaped eyes. they are lean, muscular and athletic and move in a way that resembles a wild cat.


The Abyssinian is a medium sized cat.


The Abyssinian can be any of the following twelve colours: Tawny, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon, Fawn, Black-silver, Blue-silver, Chocolate-silver, Lilac-silver, Cinnamon-silver or Fawn-silver.


Abyssinian's are very outgoing, very loving and very intelligent. Abyssinian's have unconditional love for their owners and are very, VERY cuddly.

Interesting Fact:

It has been argued that the Abyssinian is a direct descent from Ancient Egypt and that they were worshiped on the banks of the River Nile as "The child of the Gods".