Frequently Asked Questions

How big do Ocicats and Abyssinians get?

Neutered adult male Ocicats are usually approx 6 kg - spayed females are approx 4.5kg.

Neutered adult male Abys are usually approx 5 kg - spayed females are approx 4kg.

I am trying to choose the breed that is right for me, what are Ocicats and Abyssinians like?

My Ocicats and Abyssinians are affectionate, busy, playful, people cats that like to be part of the family. Don't expect them to sit on the couch and look pretty or stay in one room and only come out when you want them to. They love to interact with their owners and really enjoy snuggling up with you in bed at night. 

Do I need to pay a deposit to secure a kitten?

Yes, a $200 deposit is required to secure your kitten once we know a suitable kitten is born and all the details are sorted out. This deposit is non refundable if you change your mind.  

How often do Ocicats and Abyssinians shed their fur?

They shed their fur seasonally. 

What is best to use to keep shedding to a minimum?

I use Flea Comb's regularly. They are great for getting rid of loose fur. You could also use a Zoom Groom in Summer. 

I am trying to decide whether to keep my kitten as an indoor only cat or let it be indoor and outdoors, what do you think?

My Ocicats are suited to both situations but they MUST always be kept indoors at night. A friend of mine had an Ocicat attacked & killed by the neighbours dog, so I am all for indoor only cats. However I do often suggest that people build a sanctuary type enclosure from their house for their cats to have safe outdoor access. A good website with photos and ideas is

My partner & I work full time should I consider having 2 kittens?

Yes, it is really nice for the kitten to have company. Many kittens are sold in pairs.

I am worried about getting a kitten from so far away!

I will send photos and updates so you can see your kitten grow. Kittens and cats regularly fly within NZ using Air New Zealand.

What is the freight cost from you to any where in NZ?

We send kittens from Napier Airport. It is $160.00 to fly a kitten/cat anywhere within the North Island and $250.00 to fly a kitten/cat to the South Island. There may also be a $20 additional airport handling fee on top of this. An airline approved cage is required to transport pets. I can sell these at a reasonable cost.

Can I come and visit before I decide if the breed is right for me?

We have no problem with people visiting to meet our Ocicats and Abyssinians. I do have some rules around visiting. A visit must be pre-arranged for a time and day that is convenient for everyone. I will email people my pet kitten agreement in advance of their visit to ensure they are happy with it, so nobody's time is wasted if they don't like any of the clauses. I will also provide kitten prices prior to the visit. I ask all visitors to please wear clean clothes that haven't been in contact with any other animals. This is for the protection of my cats, bugs are easily transferred and it's not worth the risk. Thank you for your understanding.

Will my cat require any special diet?

No, but I do recommend that you feed them a premium dry food & also canned and raw meat each day. Your kitten will come with a bag of food.

Do kittens get on well with children?

Yes, but it is important that you supervise young children with your new kitten. Teach them how to correctly handle the kitten and that the kitten gets time out away from the children to sleep. Our kittens are house raised in our family home so they are well socialised with children. 

Is it safe to have kittens early de-sexed & what are the benefits?

Yes. Early de-sexing has become a very common practice. Kittens recover much quicker after surgery and you don't have to worry about your young girl coming into season and having an unwanted pregnancy or your young boy getting mature and spraying every where. I find kittens often grow bigger too. There are many articles relating to the safety of early de-sexing available on the internet. All of my kittens are sold desexed.

I have heard lately that it is a good idea to have pets micro chipped if they have indoor/outdoor access during the day, what are your thoughts about this?

Absolutely! I am a registered and qualified to microchip so you can organise this directly with me. 

What do I get with my new kitten?

Your new kitten comes with kitten care information, vaccination card, voucher for a 2kg bag of dry food, kitten pack, blanket, one month free pet insurance and one of their favourite toys.