Please contact me if you are interested in a kitten. There is a long waiting list for Abyssinians.

All of our kittens are vet checked, de-sexed, have their first vaccination and are treated with worm and flea prevention before going to their new homes. NZCF Registered.

If you are considering an Abyssinian kitten - please contact me as I have a waiting list that continues to grow. Breeders with good reputations have long waiting lists. Some people will get sick of waiting and get another breed or their personal circumstances change which means the waiting list alters from time to time. Some people are also very specific with colour or gender so they usually have to wait longer. Myself and two other breeders in NZ are doing our absolute best to provide people with healthy, friendly aby kittens. If you are thinking about getting an Abyssinian kitten, please get on a waiting list now to avoid disappointment. I absolutely hate having to email people to say there isn't a kitten for them from the expected litter they had been so excitedly waiting for, but it's part of breeding..there simply are not enough kittens to keep everyone happy as quickly as they would like. Good things take time!! 

Kittens from NatCats



On Hold

Under Evaluation


Kitten has been presold and deposit has been paid.

Kitten has been presold and is awaiting deposit.

Kitten is on hold until I hear back from my waiting list.

Kitten is under evaluation for breeding and may become available for sale at 4 weeks of age.

Kitten is available for sale.

All of our beautiful kittens are raised in our family home. They are great with children and are well adjusted friendly kittens. They are very healthy, de-sexed and come with their first vaccination. All of our kittens are registered with the NZ Cat Fancy (NZCF) and go home with one month's pet insurance, a 2kg bag of Royal Canin kitten food, their blanket and a toy.


A deposit is required to reserve a kitten after the kittens are born. This deposit is non refundable if you change your mind.


For pricing information please contact Natalie 0275352779


We can send kittens from Hawkes Bay Airport in approved cages at your expense.