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Zahari Chantilly Lace (Lacey)

Abyssinian Queen

Breed: Abyssinian

Colour: Blue

D.O.B: 21/9/2015

Sire: CH. Ankober Alcazar

Dam: Zahari Joyride

Breeder: Kirsten Young

Lacey has arrived and she is stunning. Lacey is enjoying her new home with her kitten Paris (Zahari Last Tango in Paris). She loves playing with her toys, her kitten Paris and our children. She is very cuddly and affectionate. 

A huge thank you to Kirsten Young for our gorgeous Queen Lacey.

Lacey has tested negative for Tritrichomas foetus. Lacey will be our first Abyssinian breeding queen, and she will be having kittens in 2018. Watch this space!!

Zahari Last Tango in Paris (Paris)

Abyssinian Queen

Breed: Abyssinian

Colour: Tawny

D.O.B: 7/10/17

Sire: Detrevande's Naughty by Nature (Imp Nel)

Dam: Zahari Chantilly Lace

Breeder: Kirsten Young

Paris has arrived with her Mummy and she is so sweet. Paris is enjoying her new home with her Mum Lacey (Zahari Chantilly Lace). Paris was very timid on arrival but has come out of her shell with time and love.  She loves playing with her toys, exploring her surroundings, and sniffing and eating catnip. Paris has the loudest purr ever!!! Just gorgeous :)

A huge thank you to Kirsten Young for our absolutely gorgeous Queen to be, Paris.

Paris will become a breeding queen when she grows up. For now, Paris will enjoy learning to be a gorgeous cat. Paris has been tested negative for Tritrichomas foetus.  

Abyrose Adyen

Abyssinian Stud

Name:  Adyen 

Breed: Abyssinian

Colour: Fawn

D.O.B: 20-08-2016

Sire: GR CH. Abyrose Zephyr Nevada

Dam: DLB GR CH Abyrose Eshne

Breeder: Jody Robinson-Wildey

Adyen - meaning 'little fire' derived from his mother's name Eshne and Enya his Grandmother (known for her amazing green eyes and excellent type) has arrived and is settling into his new home beautifully.  Ayden is our first Abyssinian stud and will patiently wait for his queens to arrive from Australia.  His sleek, muscular body and outgoing personality is just what we where looking for.  Ayden is the son of our desexed cat, Zephyr.  

Thank you Jody Robinson-Wildey for another amazing feline friend.

Ayden has tested negative for Tritrichomas foetus.