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                                           Breeding beautiful friendly cats

Planned Mating

Cleopatra and Zeppelin - our gorgeous Ocicats - four gorgeous kittens born 27th September 2018. 

Zeppelin and Ruby - kittens due December 2018

Zeppelin and Sylvi - kittens due December 2018

Paris and Ayden - our beautiful Abyssinians - planned mating January 2019

Delilah and Ayden - our gorgeous Abyssinians - planned mated January 2019

Abyssinians Lacey (NatsCats) and Casper (owned by Abyrose Abyssinians)  - 5 Tawny and 3 Blue Kittens born 20th November 2018. They are all thriving. These kittens are pre sold.

I will keep you updated :)

CH. Abyrose Casper 

Our visiting Sire is beautiful.  He is the cuddliest boy ever!! Thank you Jody Widely-Robinson for this opportunity to create a new line for us.  Lacey thinks he is just lovely :) Lacey is due to have her kittens late November 2018

Lacey (blue)

Ayden (fawn)